How we work

BrandPremiums is Europe’s most creative custom made premium agency.

1. Briefing

A communication briefing is the basis for our creative work.

2. Concept development

Based on the briefing we present a number of concepts for custom made and unique premiums. After an extensive review one or two will be chosen by the client for further development.

3. Concept design / Prototype

In this phase concepts are developed to a prototype, keeping in mind important aspects such as look and feel, materials, costs, branding and timings of production.

4. Production

Production and quality checks of the premiums in either Europe or China.

About BrandPremiums

How we started
BrandPremiums originated from an advertising agency and is led by people with a strong passion for advertising. We understand that a premium is often part of a bigger multichannel campaign. Our team meticulously supervises design, corporate identity, brand guidelines, timing and price with the production of every premium.

Local productions
Through our extensive network we also specialize in local productions in Europe and if necessary in the Netherlands.

BrandPremiums participates the suppliers’ CSR evaluation program and for the year 2015 we have been awarded with a silver recognition level. This good result placed our company among the top performers in our branche.

EcoVadis BrandPremiums silver level

Platform Promotional Products
BrandPremiums is a member of the industry association Platform Promotional Products. Besides our own Code of Conduct we also comply to the ‘Code of Conduct (Dutch)’ of PPP.

Platform Promotional Products BrandPremiums